Advanced Dental Implantology

We are specialists in advanced dental implantology. Dental Implantology is a very effective solution for the replacement of lost dental pieces.

Dental Implants

Dental implants offer excellent results when replacing a single tooth or a complete denture. The implants are stable, integrated, aesthetic and functional. Our specialized team offers you the latest techniques with the minimum discomfort, and the most satisfactory results.

Dentista Fuengirola

Trust us. We always offer the best treatment and care in the context of a close, expert and relaxed experience in the centre of Fuengirola - Los Boliches.

  • Custom Financing

    If you wish, our Patient Care Service (SAP) will inform you about our wide range of financing possibilities, both short and long term, according to your needs and preferences. Facilitating also the formalities with the financial institution.

  • dental Implants

    Never stop Smiling. With our Advanced Dental Implantology we can recover the comfort even when chewing hard goodies, and of course, confidence in yourself and in your smile.

  • We guarantee the effectiveness of our Implants and your satisfaction.

    We are concerned that the quality of the implants and materials which we use for our treatments is the highest, as well as having the most advanced equipment and technology.

  • A Professional team in continuous training.

    We are an expert, professional and human team with extensive practice, extensive knowledge and knowledge of all the latest techniques of Dental Implantology.

We Like Nice, Healthy Smiles.

"The mouth without teeth is like a mill without stone." (Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, in Don Quixote de la Mancha) 

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